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Minion's Party

Posted on June 23 2016

The Minions party theme is still popular and it remains one of our fast selling party themes. Looks like they were the real stars of the Despicable Me movies. They are not called an army of minions for nothing.

The Minions Party Pack is a great party kit to start setting up your minions party. We do carry two different color themes for the minions; yellow and orange. You can go for the yellow or orange theme or better still, you can mix and match the two themes to make your minion's party more colorful. Actually, anything yellow, orange or blue will blend well in a minion's themed party.

Start with a colorful table. You have the option of using a themed tablecloth or a simple plain matching color. This all depends on your budget. If you are planning on inviting a lot of guests then I would recommend the plain tablecloths since the themed ones can be a little pricey. Add a couple of blue, orange and yellow balloons, minion themed plates and napkins and you still end up with colorful tables for your party. Our minion themed value party pack comes with the items below.

If you choose to go with the themed tablecloths then choose the one that best matches with your choice of plates,cups and serviettes (we have 3 styles in stock). 



Mix & match minion themed plates, cups, balloons and other decor. Always try and stick to the three main colors of the theme: yellow, orange and blue. As you can see below, the 

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